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Where to Find Demographics

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When you’re learning about the ways demographics are used for marketing, you may be wondering, where are businesses that successfully market to demographic segments getting their demographic data, and how can your business do the same?

These are the primary methods of demographic collection in the digital era:

Customer accounts or orders. If a customer has created an account with your business or placed an order for shipping to their home, then you already know one of their major demographic variables: their location. These accounts can often give you even more demographic info. For example, if you own a clothing company for which customers register accounts online and save favorites to their accounts, you may be able to at least guess your customer’s gender.

Browser cookies. In recent years, browser cookies have become controversial among the online security community; you’ve likely had to agree to the terms in a notification on a website informing you that cookies were being collected. That’s because cookies collect and store your personal data, which makes them great sources of demographic data. If you install cookies on your website, you may be able to easily access demographic information.

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