What is a quote template?

Price quotes are common among service-based businesses that provide specialized work on a project-by-project basis. Using a template or software program to create quotes can save your business time and resources so you don’t have to start from scratch every time. A quote template does not replace a formal contract or work scope agreement, nor does it serve as an invoice for a prospective client.
This article is for service-based business owners who want to streamline the process of creating custom quotes for their clients. Many service-based businesses that work on a project basis provide prospective clients with price quotes for their specific needs. While some quotes are given over the phone or in person, many come in the form of a document that breaks down the price. In these cases, business owners typically use a quote template to organize the information in one place and easily convert it to an invoice later.

If you’re looking for quote templates and software to help you deliver your price quotes, you have many free options. Here are some free quote templates and software to consider, as well as basic information about creating and sending quotes to prospective clients.

A quote template is a customizable document that helps you break down the estimated costs for goods or services. Business owners create these quote templates for potential clients so they understand exactly what deliverables to expect and what each costs. These quotes often include standard language about project timelines, work processes, and payment terms, with specific details about the requested project.

Using a quote template for your business is a great way to streamline your proposals, especially if you regularly provide job estimates to new clients. With a reusable template or quote preparation software, you don’t have to start from scratch each time; you can simply plug in the client’s information and job specifications.

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